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To be released at the IWCE Las Vegas 2017, and Global Sources Electronics Fair (HK) April/ October 2017.

Now available for your two way radio:
SMART-iNTELLi-smart battery charger for Icom and Motorola Radios.

Charge your battery with your transceiver turned on!

Since 1979 founder Charles B Kirmuss has been a recognized security and communications industry pioneer, introducing emerging technologies from around the world and either applying the technologies directly or creating business partnerships with world class manufacturers for eventual product sale and distribution. 




As a recognized industry speaker worldwide on digital video transmission and recording as well as in the use of GIS and GPS devices, he was the first in 1991 to introduce digital video recording technologies to Government, Mass Transit and Private Industry. Earlier in 1986 he deployed the first video surveillance central station using “slow scan” video images over phone line and pioneered the first wireless data radio applications for water filtration plants receiving telemetry and providing remote control using UHF radio modems. In 2005 he was the first to introduce full motion video transmission over cell phone and revolutionized the way the security industry utilized CCTV cameras incorporating H.264 video compression, …this 10 years ahead of industry acceptance by Apple, Microsoft and Sony!  Since 1991 has developed many mobile digital video recording products for several manufacturers and is a Patent holder on several innovations all the while developing and testing the first police motorcycle digital video recorder in 1996 with the Colorado State Patrol and Harley Davidson. In 2008 and recently, has introduced to the public safety, search and rescue, wild land fire and incident command sectors GIS and portable GPS solutions over a two way radio with hand held situational awareness in a GPS-LCD equipped speaker microphone accessory. 

As it relates to 2-way radio products and while he left the field in 1989 after representing communications equipment for General Electric, Marconi Repco Radio, was to re-enter this field in 2005, whereby leveraging his overseas factories and contacts creating affordable two way, Y 2013 narrow band compliant two way radios, this after his own Search and Rescue group was in the search for affordable two way radios in 2005 and was not satisfied with what was available to volunteer organizations. His son Philip joined the Company in 2007 as electrical and product engineer and has since taken up a key sales position with a world class industry leading two way radio manufacturer.

As a volunteer for  his County’s  Search and Rescue team,  www.rampartsar.com , developed for use by public safety worldwide the Patented REDHAWK SA GPS LCD Microphone accessory made for Icom America as an OEM product, still to this day provides custom two way radio solutions.

Recently he has opened up two new related companies: KirmussAudio: manufacturer of high end audio speaker cables and soon to be released ultrasonic vinyl/record  washer:  www.kirmussaudio.com  ; and Anderson Global Battery Technology, manufacturing patented and patent pending smart-intelligent batteries for specific  two way radios and radio manufacturers www.anderson-intelli-smartbattery.com

Volunteers for the Radio Club of America in their youth program  and recently elected as Director,the company now celebrating over 35 years of service with offices in Shenzhen China, Denver and Montreal. Both he and his group share the same Passion for Technology and Vision and Volunteerism; "Since 1979, Unlocking the Technologies of the World;  Bringing People, Products and Technologies Together!”   

Kirmuss & Associates contributes annually to Rampart Search and Rescue, www.rampartsar.com a 100% volunteer organization in Colorado and serves as a Director and Trainer. Please help them!



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We also offer offshore sourcing, overseas (China) quality control and factory inspections as well as broker technology from Taiwan, Korea, and China with worldwide partners.

Right, Charles Kirmuss on the first police motorcycle to use a mobile video recorder. Circa 2002.

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