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Hong Kong Global Sources  April 13 2016, Asia World Expo Center

Seminar Topic: Successful China Sourcing: How to Negotiate Price with a China Factory, Understanding Hidden Costs, Pitfalls to Avoid

Charles B Kirmuss, President, Kirmuss & Associates

New China buyers often think that sourcing directly from China always offers the best prices. While this is true in general, many buyers jump in too quickly with their order – while they get a low price when placing an order, they are often stranded when faced with duties, license fees, warranty issues, late deliveries or other issues.

Price negotiations involve other indirect needs. As the importer of record, buyers are at times faced with added charges that they did not expect. This session will cover best practices to use when negotiating prices, other risks that need to be reviewed while setting the purchase price, how to avoid or handle product defects and realizing what the actual landed cost will come out to.